The Ultimate Guide To Pinoy Tambayan

The Ultimate Guide To Pinoy Tambayan


How many times have you sat there switching channels because none of them is good enough for you? I know I kept switching the channels trying to find the one with the best sound quality and picture quality. Of course, I don’t want any that is not good in of those qualities. People these days are really busy so the last thing they are looking forward to is an evening with the worst television series on the worst channel. Therefore, I have come up with just the best channel for all my folks. The channel is called Pinoy Tambayan channel.

You may have heard its name before or you may have not heard its name before, but let me tell you some things about the channel that will make you want to leave work and land on Pinoy tambayan on your television sets.

Qualities Of Pinoy Tambayan

The first thing that you should know about is that you are at grave blessing when you are in the presence of this channel. Pinoy tambayan only airs the world’s best GMA TV shows so you don’t even have to worry about the fact you may end up watching something awful on this amazing channel.
Another thing that I want to talk about is the fact that the channel is amazing and absolutely ad free. Of course, every channel will broadcast some advertisements, but Pinoy tambayan is not among those that will air just any advertisement.

There is one more thing that I find really useful on this channel. There is always a problem with which television series is hitting new levels of success and which one is going to end soon and apparently Pinoy Tambayan shows details about all the Pinoy TV shows. It doesn’t matter if the television series is progressing, releasing something new or if a new show is being released or even if the television series is going to end, all the updates are provided by the channel at different times throughout the day.

Of course, at night, when most people are not watching the channel, they broadcast the repeat episodes of different television series and let you have the fun that you need in your alone time. Pinoy tambayan is one of the best television channels of the world.

Pinoy Tambayan is not only limited to the world of Philippines, but the residents of the rest of world are welcome to watch the channel as much as they want. It is open to everyone in the world and has excess in even the remote areas of the world. I really love this channel because of these great qualities. For more information please visit

Instagram Marketing Hacks

From learning how to hack Instagram marketing, you’ll be more liable to get more engagement, followers and, of course, customers.This post will describe the most effective and practical Instagram marketing hacks you may not have thought of.If you’re not marketing on Instagram, you could be missing out on a lot of sales. Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms. Whether you’re a novice looking for steps on how to use Instagram or a  store owner looking for some different Instagram marketing ideas,this article will leads you to get more advantages of instagram marketing.

 Hashtags again hashtags:


Everyone knows how intrinsic hashtags are on Instagram. But what if you’ve already posted an image and forgot to add them? Don’t worry. Simply add your hashtags in the comments, and your image will appear when someone searches for those keywords!In every Instagram post, you should always include up to 30 hashtags. Thirty is the max. Typing them out every time will be annoying. So feel free to add a note or file on your phone and copy and paste them every time. Your hashtags should be in the first comment of every post you write. Did you know there are certain hashtags that can increase your Instagram engagement and follower count? Here are the top 10:

  1. #l4l (Like 4 Like)
  2. #followback
  3. #instafollow
  4. #followher
  5. #followhim
  6. #followall
  7. #follows
  8. #teamfollowback
  9. #FF (Follow Friday)
  10. #tagforlikes

Include  geotagging  after  you’ve  posted  on  instagram:


Adding your location to your image or geotagging is a great feature for locally-based business. But what if you forget to turn on geotagging when you upload an image? No problem. To add your location after the fact, go to your image and click on the 3 dot icon underneath. Click ‘Edit’, and then ‘Add Location’.


Post  between 9pm and 8am :

Between 9pm to 8am off-hours are the most effective time to post videos on Instagram. This is likely because many users prefer to wait until they’re out of the office.Later describes, 11am-1pm and 7pm-9pm are the best times to post on Instagram. They also share from their own experience, that Wednesday and Thursdays tend to get higher levels of engagement.According to CoSchedule the best times to post on Instagram are at 2 am, 8am-9am, and 5pm. They also add that Monday and Thursday are the best days to post on the platform.According to Hopper over 1.2 million Instagram posts and determined that the best times to post on Instagram are between 6pm-7:30pm on weekdays and at 11am on weekends.

Share your Instagram posts to other integrated platforms:


When you upload your photos to Instagram, you can immediately choose to share them on Facebook or Twitter.your Instagram photos are probably some of the more eye-catching and flattering images you have (LOVE those filters!). . But if you want to share them on these platforms LATER, you can do this too: simply click on the 3 dots at the bottom of your image and select Share.

 Don’t get tagged :

Don’t get tagged by other useless posts.If you or your business have been tagged in a less-than-flattering  photo, you can always remove the tag. Simply navigate to the photo, tab on your name, click ‘More Options’, and select ‘Remove Me from Photo.

Utilize Instagram Carousels:

carousel posts lets you to upload up to 10 photos in one post. If you have a lot of related pictures you want to post without adding them into separate posts, this is the feature you want to use.if  You want to post several items from the same collection. For example, if you just launched a collection of embroidered apparel, rather than posting items in different posts, you might choose to make one post about that collection. Those who love the embroidered look may want to scroll through some of your collection on the app before jumping onto your website to make their purchase.

If You’re launching a promotion. If you have a Buy Two Get One Free promotion for select items on your store. You might have a main image that tells users about the sale. However, the following images could be the types of items on sales such sweaters, shoes, etc. You’ll want to make sure every item that follows is eligible for the promotion you offered.If you hosted an event, you could use Instagram carousels for people to browse event pictures. It works great as it groups the relevant pictures together. Those interested in the pictures will flip through the collection.

Without posting to Instagram Use Instagram filters :


Use instagram filters If you love a particular filter and want to use it on an image, but DON’T want to actually  post your image to Instagram, here’s how to do it: Put your phone in airplane mode, and upload your image to Instagram as usual. Instead of posting your photo, it will save it to your phone!

use the Mayfair filter:

Mayfair is the most effective filter for marketers. By comparing the % of usage to the average number of interactions per 1,000 followers, they found that Mayfair produced the highest engagement, with an average of 23.044 interactions.

use Neil Patel’s trick:

Get thousand of followers by using neil patel’s trick  that is for every 100 photos he randomly liked, he received an average of 21.7 likes and 6.1 new followers.

Keep in mind that while this strategy may increase interactions, the quality of your new followers may not be the greatest!

Remove any improper comment on Instagram:


Improper comments can say a lot about your brand. If you’ve left a comment and later felt a pang of regret, it’s not too late. Simply go to the offending comment, and click ‘Comment’ to access to the comment screen again. Swipe your comment to the left, and you should see a garbage can appear. Tap on the can, and select ‘Delete’.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these  Instagram marketing hacks, and that you’ll try them on your own Instagram.


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Little Tricks To Get Likes On Youtube Videos

The Social Media is the game about getting likes and comments. You may have seen many people especially the girls who always talk about how many likes they get on their pictures they upload on Social Media. But the best part of using the Social Media is that you can use it to earn money and boost your Business. You can Buy Real Instagram Followers or other Social Media services to get brand recognition. But today we will shed some light on the little tricks to get likes on the Youtube videos.

Introduction to Youtube:

The Social Media plays an essential role in making your brand successful these days. We all understand the importance of visuals on Social Media. When you see an entertaining video, you immediately click the follow button. So you should pay attention towards adding the visuals to your Social Media marketing. Nothing is better than using the Youtube for visual sharing. You can upload the videos about your Business and products. In fact, in a video, you can better describe your brand in a video. So Buy Instagram Followers and pay attention towards working on a Youtube channel as well.

Let’s discuss the small tricks that can help you get more likes on your Youtube videos:

  • Chose the interesting titles:

When I use the Youtube, I only watch those videos that have a catchy title. In fact, the title of a video can convince the viewer to watch a video. The titles of the videos also show how professional you are so; it is essential to choose an intriguing title for your Youtube videos.

  • Share your videos:

After choosing an appealing title for your Youtube videos, you should post it. When you upload a video, then you should start sharing it as soon as possible. If you share your Youtube videos, then more and more people become able to watch them, and when more people watch your videos, they might like it as well. Send your videos to your friends, family, and colleagues. The best part of Youtube is that your subscribers get a notification immediately after you upload a new video.

  • Use other platforms to share your videos:

You want to get likes on your Youtube videos, but for this, you have to share your videos. You can use other Social Media platforms as well to promote your videos.

  • Pay attention towards editing:

When you upload a video, the catchy title attracts the audience to watch a video but if nothing is exciting in the video then why people will waste their time. If the editing of a video is not up to the mark, then they will not watch it. In fact, they will not revisit your channel. You should edit a video like a professional so that it could impress the viewer. You should add entertaining music to the video as well but make sure that it is not affecting the voice over. Describe your video in the description box.

Adobe After Effects

What sort of things you can make using Adobe After Effects regarding graphic designing

Some of the primary services of Adobe after effects that we will be offering so you can understand how graphic designing works and can prove very worthy of each work you are handling.

What exactly is Adobe after effects?

Adobe After Effects is considered to be one of the first works that are highly in demand in the market right now. War tech is a website that is specially made to give awareness about graphic design. Soon, you may hear a lot about graphic designing but never get to understand its whole concept. Graphic design is a process of visual effects, visual arts, to give any design a digital look that looks like 2D or 3D. The most relevant example you have is like using brand logos, posters, newspapers, magazines, and much more. The critical thing is to convert the text into digitizing by changing its color and look that could make the shape of anything seem very real and practical.

There are so many forms and types of graphic designing things you will be able to make with it such as,


Logo design is the most common and commercial work that most big organizations and companies use to promote their brands it could be a symbol, mark or emblem and it is used by the enterprises to advertise their brands with logo.


Avatar design is a graphical presentation of any user who gives their character three-dimensional form. Where you can make it move talk or walk with style.

  • Character design

Character design is the process of converting and creating a role into a 2D or 3D.

  • Banner design

A good banner design is something that used makes people attractive towards your company’s name by making it very efficient and real.


We will also help you make a newsletter design so that you could make for your visitors of your website to subscribe to newsletter.


Brochure design is the template of any company must have that could give informative reviews about their company and you will be able to learn it very quickly here on our website.


Card design logo is very famous because you can make your business cards, make wedding cards, advertisement cards and many more stuff to learn in this field.


A good flyer design can help you promote your products because the artwork and printing that used in it can make great customers for your products.


Nowadays, every company has its own social media pages like face book, twitter, LinkedIn and much more. We will help you make the profile, pictures, cover, images, and background images as well.


Game design is the art of applying the model to create a character or place using science programming and creative virtual effects.

  • 3D Design Services

We will provide master level 3D design services to make 3D content for modeling, printing, rendering, and virtual services to you.

Picking the Best SEO Company: The Difference Between Success And Failure

Choosing the Best SEO Company in Mumbai plays a big role in anyone’s online marketing efforts, but with so many search engine specialists and services out there, it’s harder and harder for small and medium-sized businesses to find a service that really meets their needs. Much of the time, it’s like comparing apples and oranges – each company promises to make a big difference to search engine rankings, so how can a business know they are really getting the search engine optimization services that can make a difference?

The success and failure of your SEO company choice will depend on a few key factors:

  • The company’s experience. The ideal search engine optimization service provider will have ability not only with search engine optimization, but also marketing, website design, and other relevant services. This will mean a business can get more of their marketing needs met, and a service provider with a range of skills is more likely to know all the little factors that can affect search engine optimization success.

  • The company’s approach to SEO. The best companies know that it’s not just about getting your company to the number one page on Google. They know that it’s also about brand image and making search engine optimization efforts fit in nicely with other marketing efforts. A good professional, of course, will not use black-hat-SEO practices that will cause trouble and will not take a cookie-cutter approach to every project.

  • The company’s industry experience. Getting a law firm online is very different from launching a website for a teen fashion line. Ideally, a SEO service provider will have proven successes in the same field and will understand that industry intuitively.

  • The company’s attitude about the importance of search engine ranking. What is the point of getting to the very top of Google search engine rankings? Sometimes, companies get so caught up in trying to get to Page One that they miss their real goals – which are to generate product buzz and make sales. A good SEO company will ask the right questions and will help a business get on track towards their real goals.

  • The SEO service’s prices. Going way over budget is not the path to success – and paying rock-bottom prices to get poor quality services is also a great way to head towards failure.

  • The service provider’s communication system. A good team of professionals will answer your questions and be able to speak about the specific action steps needed to reach goals. If a professional is making vague statements about search engine optimization that could have been swiped from the Internet and then is going MIA when needed, it’s time to run.

  • The SEO expert’s own online presence. Would you trust a dentist with terrible teeth? What about a hairstylist with a mullet? No? Then why trust a search engine optimization service provider without a great brand image online?

Getting out a bad relationship with a SEO professional is a lot harder than just doing the research upfront and finding a great expert who can actually help with online marketing and branding roles. There are really only a few issues to look out for that can help a business distinguish between a success-promoting search engine optimization company and one that will create problems.

Get all the information about how to choose an SEO company or SEO consulting service for effective search engine optimization, Web content marketing, mobile marketing, targeted internet marketing and social media marketing at Bloom blog by LotusMedia.

Johnny Reacher, 29 year old writer from USA provides fascinating insights on Internet marketing, Email Relationship Marketing and Social Media. With many awareness topics to write about, he is able to research and hopefully shed some light on the matter to somebody that was not aware in the first place. He enjoys going for hikes in the Colorado Rockies, taking his dog swimming in the river and relaxing in a cool summer evening on the back porch with friends and family.


Top QuickBooks Support Reviews!

The Lost Secret of QuickBooks Support

It’s possible to then use the Quicken Support contact on 800-655-5733 to figure out where your goods is and when you’re able to pick this up again. The Quicken Support contact may also assist you with opening times and other details of your nearby store. The Quicken Support USA contact is well suited for helping you to observe where you are able to secure a device fixed.

Technical support is part of the whole support ecosystem and helps users in resolving technical errors like database connectivity problems, network connectivity problems, huge QuickBooks company file and so forth. QuickBooks technical support is easily available through our site. The technical support for QuickBooks is the secret to create a very simple solution for errors. You will receive remote technical support. Therefore, Expert Support for your small business accounting software is vital.

Life After QuickBooks Support

The program asks you to choose the position where it should discover the backup file. Occasionally also the utmost effective computer software may not work out using issues that despite the simple fact that instant along with unusual, yet may possibly nonetheless make you be consider. The absolute most user-friendly software is QuickBooks Support which can be operated very easily to keep the payroll and other accounting troubles. Financial accounting software might not be sexy, but it’s critical. QuickBooks accounting software was evolved in the early 1990s and since that time it is among the most accessible and trustworthy bookkeeping software in the industry.

The Death of QuickBooks Support

At times you can face a problem wherever your forms may not be sent and as a result of this, you would encounter error message where you’re able to read QuickBooks cannot create the required pdf files message on your desktop. Part of the issue is that QBP isn’t a legitimate accounting package. In such cases, it is fixed by remote access to your device. Several other problems may turn out to be rather challenging to repair and might require the assistance of experts.

Much like other software, while using QuickBooks, you might encounter some difficulties with it. At any time you face any issue, be it day or night, we’re actively readily available to assist you solve your QuickBooks glitches instantly.  While a number of the problems could possibly be quite simple to fix by yourself, others might prove to be quite complex to repair. Today you can be aware of what the challenge is by the best diagnose from the support technician and find the needful support to repair the trouble. Also, you’ll have problems registering or installing the item. Sometimes it is a challenge for users to take care of the technical issues that arise with it and that’s the reason why we have a group of QuickBooks Experts as a way to resolve all of your accounting queries and issues.

Getting help and advice isn’t so important. Within this regard, a single help from QuickBooks customer service may be very helpful since they provide necessary aid to solve program problems. Aside from the telephone number for assistance, you can find more other methods to find dependable and precise aid for the query placed.


PC Games Torrenting Sites

There are a lot of people in this world who cannot afford to play games. The reason is that they don’t have enough financial resources to buy a computer system or a gaming console. Even if somehow manage to buy, then only by saving money, buying salvaged.  By buying used parts at different lower prices as compared to the high price of the new gaming personal computer parts.

Sometimes even when they somehow do manage to own a personal gaming computer, they can’t afford to buy games worth 50-80 dollars.  People who cannot afford such amounts more than once a month.  They wait for the pirated crack version of each game to download it from torrent sites and play them afterward. That being said, there are not much pc games torrenting sites at least not the ones who have the correct files. People end up downloading 50 gigabytes of data and in the end.  Discover it to be a waste of time as it has censored content or other unwanted content available in them.  That’s why knowing which torrenting site to use to download pc games is important.

 Some good pc games torrenting sitesare discussed henceforth:

  1. ORG:

 In a world where we don’t find many torrent sites, has taken a step towards establishing itself in the world of torrent sites. In a world full of gamers’ emergence of gaming, has emerged to be one of the best sites to provide gamers with their choice of games.

This website has a dedicated search engine which makes it easier for its users to use. It is the most used pc games torrenting site by quite a good margin. The motto of is to promote quality torrent files and discouragement of fake torrenting. A practice which has been upheld by some users to spread censored malicious content over user’s devices. But still, this torrent site is one of the best if not the very best.

  1. COM:

Carrying a name similar to and a very similar IP address, is another pc game torrenting site. It provides gamers with the games they want.  Once they have been cracked, despite being not as popular or significance on others, still working best. It is having a low user rating of only 39 out of 100, but still, people putting a yes on its trustworthiness.

There was child safety problem.  It also proclaimed by voting done on, due to its potentially unwanted programs being downloaded into user’s computers.  There is always a risk of privacy due to torrent sites. There is always a risk of privateers due to low internet security and the site being potentially illegal.  As well as all the other torrent sites are as they promote copyrights infringement and violation of laws of copyrights these are the reasons it has been given a low score of approval in the categories mentioned above by its users.

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Moving Companies New York

A moving company, also known as a removalist or a van line provides its services to people and businesses to move from one place to another. It come with all services included for relocations like packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, arranging of items like moving containers, etc. Because of their increasing demand and the risks in moving goods, they now provide us with “Transit Insurance” to cover the expense of any damaged good.

moving services	moving trucks	moving supplies	moving containersHow to choose a good moving company?

The first step while choosing a moving company is to check whether they are certified in the list of moving and storage associations.

You can know more details about the movers by clicking on them.

One more fact to notice is that, we should always avoid who issued license numbers by the moving trucks moving supplies is not shown.

Rate and Charges

Rates and charges are subjects to the Moving Association. Moving companies cannot fix their own rates, most of them anyways charge less than standard rates, and if the expense of moving is to exceed more than calculated, a moving company has to inform the customer 3 days prior to moving. Also, we should always contact two or more movers and ask them for estimated. If the distance to be travelled is over 100 miles, it is considered to be a long distance move and charges are based on weight basis, and if it is less than 100 miles, hourly basis charges are considered. Most movers accept cash, money orders and certified cheques and not personal cheques.


The moving services companies always charge us for the level of security and protection we want for our goods. There are two types of securities available:

Basic Coverage

Most minimal protection is included in mover’s rate. It would recover you $12 for every 20 pound of good damage approx…

Actual Cash Value Protection

An object is protected according to its depreciated value, i.e., its age, condition it is in when received by the mover and our estimated value

Full Value Protection Will covers the replacement cost of all or any item under it.

Inventory and valuables

An inventory report is a list of items and their current condition. One should always make a list of all the valuables and all inventory items to keep everything in check. It can be asked to get an Inventory report from the Moving Companies as well. It is generally suggested to keep items of extraordinary value with you while travelling.

There are a few limitations on carrier liabilities as well, for which it might not be payable. Talking to the Moving companies will explain this better.

moving services	moving trucks	moving supplies	moving containers

Filing a claim if any goods are broken

If something is broken or damaged, a claim should be filed to the Moving Company, and as soon as possible, which in any case should not be more than 9 months. Broken goods are to be kept in the same condition as a proof. A claim form is to be filled and you can list all the broken and damaged goods, which would be settled on how the object is valuated according to Basic Coverage, Actual Value protection or full protection.


Enjoy Only Benefits with House Removals London

Relocation is a small nightmare to the families and employers in all aspects. The job of packing the utilities and items in boxes and transferring them can take a toll on your time, health, and resources. When you have to relocate then there is no other way but to hire a packing and moving service. The best way to ensure that the venture goes right is via booking a House removals London service. The extraordinary service provides nothing but benefits to you when its advantages are considered.

House removals London

  • Feasibility

No other packing and moving service offers such rates like this one. Probably, this service is a blessing for those who have limited items and have to move hither and thither frequently. For an instance, if you are a student and you are in dire need of moving few boxes and items to a particular location, you cannot hire a professional packing and moving service or courier the items. It will cost you a lot of money. This is where the service fits in the picture. Without spending a fortune, you can easily transfer your items to your desired location.

  • Convenience

Apart from the rates, the service will pick up the items from your address and deliver it within the stipulated time. You do not have to carry the items to their office. The service will provide a professional team of experts to pack and move them. You just have to pick up the phone and place a call. You can also visit their websites to confirm a quotation and seek a service as per your convenience. The team along with the transfer vehicle will respond quickly and reach at your doorstep to take the items.

  • Forget heavy lifting

Do not strain your back while lifting the heavy boxes. The trained team will do it for you. You just sit back and do not break a sweat. The service will do the rest. All you have to do is to assign a delivery address. The rest will be taken care of with utmost precision.

  • Expertise

House removals London

A mentioned earlier, heavy lifting is not an amateur job. The team comprises of trained experts who know how to pack the items as per their kind. The items will be packed, loaded, carried, and unloaded by maintaining utmost safety. The House removals London service will guarantee 100% safe transfer of your items. In fact, this service believes in delivering one consignment at a time. In this aspect, your items will not be dumped with other consignments. No overcrowding of packages in the van means your items will reach the destination safe and sound. In fact, there will be no mix-up in delivering the items.

  • Any service, you name it

This is a precise service for any kind of transfer. If you want to relocate your office, a particular vehicle will be assigned that fits the requirement. In the same way, if you are relocating, your furniture, utilities, and other items will be safely transferred to the desired location.