Top Reasons to Choose Queens | Plastic Surgeon

The professional expertise of Queens | plastic surgeon makes every type of surgical implants a true success. This is completely owed to the precision of works done by the expert in every task they undertake. The surgeons are highly specialized in breast implants of two types. The saline filled and the silicone gel filled methods are well known among the aspiring women in the age group of 18 and above. The physiological changes brought about by the surgery are irreversible and long lasting in nature. The aesthetic appearance and shape of the breasts undergo deep changes after the surgical procedure.

queens | plastic surgeon Expertise of Queens | Plastic Surgeon

The expert group of Queens | Plastic Surgeon has many specialists who are experienced in all forms of breast augmentation including different shapes and surface finishing. The two most common types of breast implants are the saline filled silicone shells and silicone gel filled shells.  The external covers remain the same for both types of surgery.

  • The saline filled surgical methods involve making of small incision at the one end of breast. The expert surgeon carefully slips the pads of silicone through the gap into the surface area below the fatty tissues. Care taken to ensure even distribution around the areola and nipples. Once the layers are distributed evenly, the surgeon fills them with saline liquid. This is medicated form which can stay on for decades without losing its original quality. After filling the liquid, the surgeon closes the seal on the foam pad and the incision. The average healing time for the incision is a few weeks. There is absolutely no pain involved in the process since the expert makes use of local anesthesia while carrying out the surgery. The ingredients of the anesthetic agent help in prevention of blood loss, formation of pus and deposition of harmful fluids during the surgical procedures. The lifetime of the fillings depends on the expertise of Queens | plastic surgeon. So far the experts have conducted many such surgeries which have lasted for many years without rupture or causing any sort of internal infections.

queens | plastic surgeon

  • The Queens | plastic surgeon is capable of making changes to the previous implants like change of saline liquid, upgrades to the silicone pads, maintenance and other related procedures. All these methods consume very little time and cause you zero pain.
  • The procedure adopted in silicone gel filled breast implant from Queens | plastic surgeon is more sophisticated and it gives better results. The volume of fill, shape and size are relatively more stable in nature. This type of surgery is mostly preferred for lower and middle high profile settings. You can choose different types of shapes like the perfectly round, conical and anatomical. The profile types are normally low, moderate, high and extra high. The expertise of Queens | plastic surgeon can help in keeping them with soft or textured surface finishing. Soft finishing mostly resembles natural breasts which heave and tilt when you move your body. The textured ones are relatively firmer in shape. The experience of Queens | plastic surgeon helps making every dimension of breast implant possible.