Moving Companies New York

A moving company, also known as a removalist or a van line provides its services to people and businesses to move from one place to another. It come with all services included for relocations like packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, arranging of items like moving containers, etc. Because of their increasing demand and the risks in moving goods, they now provide us with “Transit Insurance” to cover the expense of any damaged good.

moving services	moving trucks	moving supplies	moving containersHow to choose a good moving company?

The first step while choosing a moving company is to check whether they are certified in the list of moving and storage associations.

You can know more details about the movers by clicking on them.

One more fact to notice is that, we should always avoid who issued license numbers by the moving trucks moving supplies is not shown.

Rate and Charges

Rates and charges are subjects to the Moving Association. Moving companies cannot fix their own rates, most of them anyways charge less than standard rates, and if the expense of moving is to exceed more than calculated, a moving company has to inform the customer 3 days prior to moving. Also, we should always contact two or more movers and ask them for estimated. If the distance to be travelled is over 100 miles, it is considered to be a long distance move and charges are based on weight basis, and if it is less than 100 miles, hourly basis charges are considered. Most movers accept cash, money orders and certified cheques and not personal cheques.


The moving services companies always charge us for the level of security and protection we want for our goods. There are two types of securities available:

Basic Coverage

Most minimal protection is included in mover’s rate. It would recover you $12 for every 20 pound of good damage approx…

Actual Cash Value Protection

An object is protected according to its depreciated value, i.e., its age, condition it is in when received by the mover and our estimated value

Full Value Protection Will covers the replacement cost of all or any item under it.

Inventory and valuables

An inventory report is a list of items and their current condition. One should always make a list of all the valuables and all inventory items to keep everything in check. It can be asked to get an Inventory report from the Moving Companies as well. It is generally suggested to keep items of extraordinary value with you while travelling.

There are a few limitations on carrier liabilities as well, for which it might not be payable. Talking to the Moving companies will explain this better.

moving services	moving trucks	moving supplies	moving containers

Filing a claim if any goods are broken

If something is broken or damaged, a claim should be filed to the Moving Company, and as soon as possible, which in any case should not be more than 9 months. Broken goods are to be kept in the same condition as a proof. A claim form is to be filled and you can list all the broken and damaged goods, which would be settled on how the object is valuated according to Basic Coverage, Actual Value protection or full protection.