Best Wireless Tour Guide System For All Types Of Tours

I’m sure searching online you can find different articles about wireless tour guide systems, which one would give you the basic information about them but what sets them aside and holds them back is how they don’t mention which brands or using products that would be best to use.

Which is where this article comes in, I will be giving my overall opinion on which i think is the best, but not just the generic best that you can find at a simple store, the best in all fields and types of tours and go beyond the natural standards of a tour guide system.

To start off it is very important for those who have no idea what wireless tour guide systems are. I will touch base on the topic and move on to what the best would be for me.


Wireless Tour Guide System

For those people who didn’t know anything about the tour guide system, it’s pretty normal and nothing to be worried about as I’ll be going through it to help you understand.

When entering any type of museum from historical to artistic, there would be two types of people- the ones that prefer strolling by themselves at their own pace and read the details on each, then the others who always inquire to join a tour guide around the museum in which they explain each section and artwork, with specific dates being named and spreading their knowledge of the history and back stories that would attract the visitors.

When it comes to tour guides as they are usually done in big groups, that helps keep the flow of people who are coming in and out at a good pace, these groups usually consist of 10-15 people in which the likeliness of all of them being able to hear what is being said and explained is a low probability, this is because the constant background noise that comes from the surrounding people would overlap with the speaker’s voice, or possibly the distance they are from the guide being to far away.

This is why using wireless tour guide systems was implemented to have a direct listening device on what is being spoken at that given moment and for the people to hear every single detail on it.

All that is handed to the visitors would be a small portable device that would have either headphones or earphones connected for them to plug and listen directly, where as the guides will also be holding a portable device but in which instead of being a reciever, it is a transceiver (known as the master device) in which only their voice will be picked up as they speak through the headset microphone.

This makes it much more convenient for visitors to have a much more enjoyable and knowledgeable time.


Best Tour Guide System

Moving on to what I consider the best wireless tour guide system, that can be used for multiple types of tours would be the brand Williams Sound and I’ll be mentions one of their set systems which includes many items inside and ready for on the go tours.


DWS TGS 23 300

This tour guide system is a one-way system using 2.4 GHz band, this is a good starting point for tour guides, it’s capable for the use of up to 23 group members.

This system is perfect for the use of tours that are in factories, museums, any type of tourist attractions as well as bus tours that are hop-on hop-off, it helps overcome the barrier of the background noise that will be made and the distance that the tour guide and group will be placed in. It overall enhances the whole communication process of the tour guide and group.


Included Items:

(1) DLT 300 Transceiver – This is the master device that the tour guide uses, it comes with an individual charger.

(23) DLR 360 Receivers- The device that the rest of the group uses to hear the guide

(23) Rechargeable Batteries BAT 022-2 AAA- For the DLR 360 Receivers

(1) MIC 044 2) Microphone Headset- Connected to the tour guides master set, used to speak and transmit their voice to the receivers.

(23) EAR 022 Surround Earphones- Earphones connected to the receivers

(2) CHG 1012 PRO Multi-bay Drop-in Chargers with cases

(1) CCS 044 Silicone Skin- for the transceiver device


Seeing all the above that is included in the set really sets the standards very high, being able to provide for 23 people with top-of-the-line equipment that are used for the system.

If you are searching to purchase this system or anything else that is Williams Sound, you can find them at NMK Electronics in which you can see on their website all the product items that they currently have available, they don’t do online shopping but calling them for more information on the items is an alternative solution.